Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear right to health care advocate

From Bill Holmes:

"If you have the right to take from some to pay the medical bills of others, then you forfeit your rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." The dialogue at the time involved Locke and the right to own and protect property, and have the liberty to use it as the necessity for the sustenance of life. "The pursuit of happiness" was substituted for "property" in the Declaration of Independence to eliminate the possibility that some would presume government was to provide property.

A government instituted to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of property as the means to happiness would work if it is limited to that purpose, which the Constitution and is "balance of powers" sought to establish. Unfortunately, the supreme court became politicized, and its "living constitution" premise unleashed government to do the inverse of its original intent. Government now extorts property, constrains your liberty to use it, and enslaves some people to others, e.g. emergency medical personnel to anyone. See with regard to property as the natural order of all things.

If people don't pay for their own health, vehicle, home, investment, etc. care, then they will not learn from their mistakes, and will continue to engage in bad behavior. Why self-educate and be careful when government will force someone else to pay for fraud as well as your mistakes?

You will soon run out of other peoples money, because those not in a privileged government group will flee or decrease their income to become a member of a privileged government group to survive.

As costs escalate and income decreases, government will enact more laws controlling behavior to reduce cost, like regulating what you can swallow, inhale, inject or wear (helmets) and how long you can live. Soon no one will be happy except the political class with all the exceptions, like CONgress persons and their special health care and retirement.

Myopia can be dangerous."

Well said Bill.

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